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XMLT6 Flashlight


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If you have to work in narrow, dark places all the day, you will need this powerful torch to light up your work-space.

This torch is the perfect tool also for your home in case you run out of energy. It is easy to use and very powerful, so that you will be able to see even in the darkest places.


LED torch material: Aluminum alloy
Power supply: a 18650 Li-Ion battery or 3x AAA batteries
Maximum brightness: 1000 lume
Beam range/distance: 200-500 m
Water resistant (IPX5): 5 degrees
Impact resistant: approx. 1.5 M.
length: 125 mm
Diameter of the head: 32 mm
Lower diameter: 26 mm
Net weight: 138g Charger
Input: AC110-47-63 HZ output: 3.7 V; 450 mAh
Battery material: Li-Ion battery
Voltage: 3.7 V capacity: 4200 mAh
Size: 65 x 18 mm