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SmartLED: the intelligent external spotlight

ZERO consumption intelligent outdoor lighting

SmartLED is the powerful outdoor LED spotlight that is self-powered with solar energy

Powerful and Bright

SmartLED is the powerful outdoor spotlight that recharges itself thanks to its solar panel and automatically switches on when you pass thanks to the built-in motion sensor.

Make your home safer

SmartLED welcomes you by lighting the access to the garage, the garden, the gate and the front door in a safe, easy and visible way.
Ideal to be installed even on stairs, to go up and down in total safety . Perfect for video surveillance: install SmartLED near your video intercom.

Luminous automation that makes your home safer

Forget about switches, remote controls and expensive installation for outdoor lighting systems

Smart and Easy

You don’t need an electrician

You can finally have an intelligent, simple and automatic, ecological lighting system that does not use electricity.

SmartLED installs in 1 MINUTE

Goodbye to expensive quotes for unnecessary and expensive systems. SmartLED is patented for this: you install it simply by fixing it to the wall with just two screws, in a few seconds.

Unlike complex automatic lighting systems, SmartLED is reliable because it is made of few components, robust, waterproof, ecological, assembled to last.

Limited launch offer only for the first 100 orders

PROMO: 70% discount. SmartLED at the special price of 129 € 39 €

  • Compact and Waterproof
  • Designed to last for years
  • 20 Led Matrix
  • Waterproof IP68

The secret of SmartLED’s intelligence and practicality is its simplicity and its careful assembly.


The SmartLED light is generated by a grid (matrix) made up of 20 LEDs. Optimally arranged to generate a uniform light beam.

The materials and the careful assembly protect SmartLED from water, dust, wind, scratches and falls. Components such as the sensor and solar panel are thick, robust and well protected.

The more you install, the more you save!

Light up the house entrance, the garage, the courtyard, the stairs, the balcony without spending a bill!

  • Light
  • White and bright light thanks to its 20 LEDs
  • Ecological
  • It reloads itself.
  • It does not consume power
  • Technology
  • LED and high efficiency solar panel
  • Smart

With motion sensor, it only activates when needed

Amazing features

With SmartLED you no longer have to walk or drive blindly to get home

  • It charges during the day (when you’re not using it)
  • With 20 LEDs (equivalent to 20W classic)
  • Compact dimensions: 12 x 12 x 6 cm
  • Ecological and light: it weighs only 200 grams
  • 99% enthusiastic and satisfied customers
  • You can have it at a 70% discount promo offer
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Save consumption: do not use electricity
  • Less than 400 pieces in stock on introductory offer!

ACTIVE PROMOTION: Save 90 € + Free Shipping. For the first 100 customers only
Over 120 orders in 48 hours

Light and compact. Easy to install

Save on utility bills and electricity consumption

  • 100% Ecological
  • The best-selling intelligent LED spotlight in Italy
  • 99% enthusiastic customers 
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